Neglect and Clutter

Neglect and clutter

Dust Bin Alley, once known as Bank Lane

Neglect by the councils, landlords and tenants is evident throughout Totnes.

Commercial and domestic rubbish containers occupy historic pathways.

However with careful positioning underground containers can be installed in Fore Street, close to Bank Lane, close to the Church, two within the new scheme for the Market Square, and The Rotherfold. A similar waste system is in place in Cambridge.

Fly posting and petty graffiti are commonplace.

Underground hopper fed rubbish skips are lifted out and exchanged when full

Communications cabinet and waste bin can be an opportunity for creative camouflage, and not be a graffiti attraction

Lack of maintenance is evident in most streets

One of many examples of building neglect both by landlord and tenant


Lots of weeds in side streets and shop fronts

Whose responsibility, shopkeeper or town council?

We deserve better

Drainage systems in streets and pavements are not cleaned

One of many blocked gullies

An overflowing gully

One of many blocked pavement drains

Reinstatement with little consideration can be seen in many streets

Careless reinstatement on Totnes town bridge, a grade 1 listed structure

Poorly maintained surface

Ill placed traffic calming, poorly designed road chicanes, unnecessary signage

This space needs reorganising with better cycle rack, underground rubbish bin with integrated planting

Confusing surfaces and messy signage. Entrance needs to be widened, regraded and incorporated into Fore Street, better for traders and shoppers

Indifferent construction on now redundant traffic management system

One of many communications cabinets in prominent locations which can be disguised

Wheelie bin disguise, Exeter

Totnes has been described by the County Council as "probably the most outstanding town of historical importance in the county" and is included in a shortlist of most important historic towns in England.

All authorities should recognise this.

TOTNES ENVISAGED hopes to stimulate action and vision to place Totnes not so much as within a short list but at the top of the list.

"Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort."


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