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Market Square - Introduction

Of the designs submitted by Architects Harrison Sutton Partnership this site prefers designs 2 and 6, and would like to see all landscaping to include part of South Street and the southern most car spaces.

Whilst a final scheme has been agreed the following comments and images are included.
An earlier vivid and well considered Design Report dated May 2016 by architects lhc of Exeter was not pursued.

Market Square redesigned 1985
Photo: Totnes Image Bank

A large space with a simple textured surface, neat edges to boundaries, suitable for the south side of the Civic hall

Sculpture in new Market Square?

Public space incorporating water, trees, sculpture and kiosk with simple and protected planting

Market traders facilities

Service duct

Folding awnings for traders and public events as permanent fittings
Access to services would be a good facility for market traders and evening public events, a feature not noticed in proposals.

Folding market traders awnings

Future, past and present

South side of Civic Hall Principal entrance to Totnes from car parks. This deserves to be better for all.

An idea for landscaping to south side of Civic Hall

Original and existing Market Square landscaping

Market Square redesigned 1985
Photo: Totnes Image Bank

Original landscaping 1960
Photo: Totnes Image Bank

Notes December 2020

Our High Street needs a higher profile

Our government talks of "infrastructure revolution"
An infrastructure that is dear to us all is our High street and Fore street, a place of commerce fulfilling our daily needs and a space for socializing, it should be a space to be proud of, but currently government and local councils show little imagination; high taxes and business rates, punitive parking fees and poor maintenance.

Our councils both SHDC and the Borough council must radically rethink their policies and attitudes or we will have fewer shops,unfortunately Covid has given Amazon and others a head start.

Totnesians want

to feel pride in their town and their councils and to encourage visitors and locals to use the town for the prosperity of all.


free parking all day Tuesdays
free parking weekdays between 12:00 and 2:00 encouraging diners and local shoppers
reduce business rates
Implement the vision of Totnes envisaged
and be encouraged by the results of an invigorated council in Buckfastleigh, who challenged the languid status quo and brought life back to the town

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Totnes Envisaged